What is pyramid_starter_seed

This tutorial should help you to start developing with the Pyramid web framework using a very minimal starter seed project based on:

  • a Pyramid's pcreate -t starter project

  • a Yeoman generator-webapp project

You can find the Pyramid starter seed code here on Github:

Thanks to Yeoman you can improve your developer experience when you are in development or production mode thanks to:

  • Javascript testing setup

  • Javascript code linting

  • Javascript/CSS concat and minification

  • image assets optimization

  • html template minification

  • switch to CDN versions of you vendor plugins in production mode

  • uncss

  • much more (you can add features adding new Grunt tasks)

We will see later how you can clone pyramid_starter_seed from github, add new features (eg: authentication, SQLAlchemy support, user models, a json REST API, add a modern Javascript framework as AngularJS, etc) and then launch a console script that helps you to rename the entire project with your more opinionated modifications, for example pyramid_yourawesomeproduct.

Based on Davide Moro articles (how to integrate the Yeoman workflow with Pyramid):