Pyramid for Pylons Users




Pyramid 1.3


Mike Orr


This guide discusses how Pyramid 1.3 differs from Pylons 1, and a few ways to make it more like Pylons. The guide may also be helpful to readers coming from Django or another Rails-like framework. The author has been a Pylons developer since 2007. The examples are based on Pyramid's default SQLAlchemy application and on the Akhet demo.

If you haven't used Pyramid yet you can read this guide to get an overview of the differences and the Pyramid API. However, to actually start using Pyramid you'll want to read at least the first five chapters of the Pyramid manual (through Creating a Pyramid Project) and go through the Tutorials. Then you can come back to this guide to start designing your application, and skim through the rest of the manual to see which sections cover which topics.